Tyres & Wheel alignment

Tyres and Wheel Balancing

We can accommodate for any of your tyre needs, from budget to branded tyres.

Using the latest Beissbarth Wheel Balancer, we ensure all of your tyres are balanced during the fitting process, as standard.

Balancing new tyres is an important part of the tyre changing process that a lot of fast-fit garages neglect.

Incorrectly balanced wheels and imbalanced new tyres produce a vibration which is felt through the steering wheel providing an uncomfortable ride above certain speeds.  It also leads to uneven wear of your tyres and can cause steering and suspension joints to wear out.

Wheel balancing ensures that weight is distributed equally around the wheel and that the tyre rotates evenly resulting in a smoother ride and reduced tyre wear.

Tyres & Wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

Potholes, road wear and even a hit on the kerb can knock your vehicle out of alignment. Incorrectly aligned wheels can affect tyre wear, braking distance, driving quality and fuel consumption.

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of your vehicles wheels to the car manufacturers optimum specifications. This reduces tyre wear, increases fuel economy and improves vehicle handling.

We use the latest Beissbarth 3D Wheel Aligner, known for its unparalleled standards of precision and accuracy. This system combines a camera measurement system with active reference system and sophisticated software to ensure outstandingly accurate results.

Wheel alignment should be carried out:

  • if your steering wheel is off center or is vibrating
  • if you feel your car is pulling left or right
  • if your tyres are wearing unevenly
  • when tyres are replaced
  • when replacing suspension or steering parts
  • after an accident, hitting a large pothole or kerb